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Showcase your perks to benefit everyone

Effortlessly showcase your perks to enhance satisfaction and goodwill while fostering a positive atmosphere across your organisation.

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Effectively convey employee perks

Research shows that an astonishing 80% of employees underestimate their total compensation.
Perkforce allows your people to effortlessly discover and appreciate the exceptional benefits you have made available to them.

Bring a sense of belonging to staff

Support the success of neighborhood businesses by allowing them to offer your employees deals and VIP experiences. Through the perkforce platform you can enable these connections effortlessly.
This approach not only fosters community development, but also cultivates a sense of belonging among staff and enriches the company culture as a whole.

Showcase key employee supports

Information on corporate benefits, such as health, pension, EAP, flexible work options, various types of leave, remote work allowances, and tax relief, etc. may be scattered across the organization.
Consolidate them into one user-friendly platform for easy access and administration.

Gain a unique perspective into your organization

Perkforce enables you to identify what matters most to your employees, as well as what falls short.
This provides a singular perspective into your organization’s culture and empowers you to make adjustments as needed in order to align better with your people.