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Perkforce App for Slack

Perkforce integration for Slack will help you connect your perkforce organization with your Slack workspace.
Install Guide

Get It Done With Us

Create your perks in perkforce and easily notify your Slack workspace users from inside perkforce with just one click.

Content Management

All perks/benefits you create inside perkforce are fully customizable, and your to keep. You are the admin of your organization.


Got a perk you want to public at some specific date & time? worry not! Perkforce got you covered.


Do just create and share, Learn & improve from it! with perkforce powerful analytics you get full insights on how a perk is doing.


Analyze Data

Perkforce provides many tools to analyze your data. some of them are

  • Perks analytics
  • Benefit analytics
  • Perk categories analytics
  • Benefit Categories analytics
  • and more…


Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Users

Perkforce will help you strengthen your relationship with your relation. some of the key features you get with perkforce are


  • Perks & Benefits
  • Users (Employees & Administrators)
  • Insights (Perks, Categories, …)
  • Connections
  • Purchasable
  • Integrations (Stripe, Slack, …)
  • Setting (Profile, Organization)

Managing Your Perks Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Now you don’t have to worry about properly creating & notifying your company perks to your users. Perkforce not only help you create, keep record & share your perks to your organization users, but also provide you many other powerful tools to analyze your data you last shared, learn from it & improve using what’s working.

How it works

Step by Step Guide


Create Perkforce Account

You need a perkforce account in order to integrate your Slack workspace with it. so follow the below-mentioned steps to create your perkforce account.

  • visit the perkforce website
  • click “Get Started” and use any option to continue
  • now complete the onboarding process and wait until your account gets approved.
  • once your account gets approved you are ready to move to the next step.


Connect With Slack

Now once you get your perkforce account approved, you can connect it to your Slack workspace and start notifying users in your Slack workspace directly from perkforce. to complete this part follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • open the sidebar menu & click on profile.
  • now scroll down and you will find a section mentioning “Connect to Slack”.
  • Click the “Connect to Slack” button, you will be redirected to the Slack website OAuth flow.
  • Select the Slack workspace you want to connect with your perkforce account or create one.
  • Click “allow”.
  • you will get redirected back to perkforce.
  • that’s it now you are ready to move to the next step.


Create & Share Perks/Benefits

That’s all the hard work done, now all that’s left is to use perkforce and have fun. to create your first perk/benefit and share it with your Slack workspace follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • open the sidebar menu and click on perks.
  • Click on “add benefit or perk”.
  • add the perk details and before clicking publish, check the “Slack share” checkbox.
  • that’s all, have fun.

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